Postdoctoral Research Position in Theoretical Active Soft Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics

A postdoctoral position is available at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez (UPRM) in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin – Madison (UWM) to work in modeling and simulation of autonomous nano- and micro-motors/devices and complex fluids. The postdoctoral fellow is expected to develop a simulation code to analyze the motion of active particles…

Postdoctoral Research Position in Complex Fluids

A postdoctoral position is available at the NSF funded Institute for Functional Nanomaterials ( at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez (UPRM) to work in the areas of theoretical soft condensed matter, statistical physics, and fluid mechanics. The postdoc will join a new, dynamic group exploring modeling of colloidal devices and complex fluids. This…

GRC LC 2015!

Liquid Crystallinity in Soft Matter at and Beyond Equilibrium Gordon Research Conference
June 21-26, 2015
University of New England, Biddeford, ME
Chair: Nicholas Abbott
Vice Chairs: Linda Hirst & Torsten Hegmann

A DNA Representation with a Bead-Spring Model

Our bodies may never stop surprising us with their complexity and perfect mechanics. In its complexity, there are biological functions which occur out of equilibrium, converting chemical to mechanical energy. Due to the importance of DNA it is imperative to study the biological functions that occur in this macromolecule which involves proteins. This is because…